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Ragnarok : actors of Skam in the credits of the series mythology of Netflix
Films : My best friend, Still Recording, Heart Of A Dog… The movie of the week

Criminal minds-renewed : season 15 will be the last

The cutting torch was not far to fall but Criminal Minds is going to win a light sentence. CBS, its broadcaster in the United States, has announced that it renewed the series for a fifteenth and final season of 10 episodes. Cliff Lipson/CBS there were warning signs : hearings down ; no order of episodes for the 14th season ; a lack of interest of the progressive part of the spectators as of the press where it no longer mentions the series that when a scandal breaks out, for lack of a better. So many omens that announced that Criminal Minds and the BAU (Behavorial Analysis Unit, is the Unit of Behavioral Analysis) were going to soon close its doors.

Finally, the surprise is less in the cancellation of future that the order of a fifth season, even reduced to 10 episodes. Erica Messer and its authors will have the chance to make a last lap around the track and prepare wisely final. A luxury flat. And for the fans, to prepare for their grief and make their goodbyes to J. J., Prentiss, Spencer, Penelope, Rossi, and others.

The series, if it does it will probably not be the history of television can boast a longevity some : 15 seasons, 324 episodes, two spin-offs (Suspicious Behavior and Unity Without Border), not all of them have had this endurance. In the meantime, TF1 may be a concern to see and disappear any of its success on a regular basis.

Criminal minds : 10 things you didn’t know maybe on the series : See the slideshow Slideshow criminal Minds : 10 things you didn’t know maybe on the series 10 photos

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Colette : did you know that before Keira Knigthley, the novelist had been interpreted by Marie Trintignant ?

In the feature film “Colette”, now in theatres, the british actress Keira Knightley slips into the features of the famous novelist. But did you know that Marie Trintignant had also embodied the woman of letters on the screen ? March Films / ID Distribution In the feature Colette, now in cinemas, the british actress Keira Knightley slips in under the guise of Gabrielle Sidonie Colette, great was French novelist who was president of the Académie Goncourt between 1949 and 1954. But did you know that Marie Trintignant had also lent its traits to this great woman of letters ? In the movie biography of Colette, a free woman, Marie Trintignant embodies and Colette under the guidance of her mother Nadine. The actress died tragically shortly before the end of the shoot, which took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. Colette, a woman who is free, whose the scenario was signed by Marie and Nadine Trintignant, had in particular to its cast Lambert Wilson, Jacques Higelin or Catherine Jacob. The telefilm was aired for the first time on France 2 in April 2004. On the set of the téléfim “Colette, a woman who is free” :

Nina : the series of France 2 will stop at the end of season 6

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Installation Tomorrow belongs to us : what an evolution for the characters transgender people in the series ?

True Detective season 3 : "the aging of our characters is an integral part of the series" according to Stephen Dorff

The actor Stephen Dorff is back on the make-up of the season 3 of “True Detective”, which have allowed the old, Mahershala Ali and he, to the needs of the plot, located on three eras. True Detective season 3 is to watch every Monday on OCS City generation HBO in the US+24.

The summer – Valeria Bruni Tedeschi : "I’ve been wanting to put the feet in the dish and really speak of autofiction"
Bracelets red : the original series Spanish Polseres vermelles excluded in MYTF1

The Lost Boys : the Teen Wolf Tyler Posey will be a vampire for the adaptation series of the movie

The series the Lost Boys, adapted from the film of the 80’s, materialize a bit more with the command of a pilot and Tyler Posey chosen to portray one of the main roles… Scott Everett White/MTV The vampire slayer, the cult of the lost Generation, will may be soon on the small screen. The series adapted from the feature film by Joel Schumacher was in fact ordering a pilot for the CW after a long development of more than two years. The controls of the show : Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars and iZombie, the writer Heather Mitchell (Scandal) and the director of the Twilight saga, Catherine Hardwicke. The Lost Boys (the original title of the lost Generation,) told how, after the death of their father, two twin brothers move into the small town of california, Santa Carla, where their mother grew up and discover the world secret and seductive vampires who had been settled there for generations. One of the brothers will be played by Tyler Posey, who has long played a werewolf in Teen Wolf and will be coming soon to the poster of the series of Gregg Araki Now Apocalypse. The mother will be embodied by Kiele Sanchez, who was a few years ago the famous Nikki of “Nikki & Paolo” in Lost. Released in 1987, the comedy horror the lost Generation , directed by Joel Schumacher , and featured vampires, rockers, bikers, and band leaders, already in the setting of a small seaside resort of California. Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman held the main roles.

"Rebel is a western, modern, movie, girl power movement, between glamour and trash"
Arctic : "What you see on screen is real" say Mads Mikkelsen and filmmaker Joe Penna

Game of Thrones : a Monopoly collector’s edition waiting for the season 8

While the eighth and final season of the series HBO will begin in less than a month, Hasbro unveils a new collector’s version of its famous board game Monopoly in the colors of “Game of Thrones” to make wait the fans… HBO Why not spend the few days we have left to wait before the return of Game of Thrones around a good part of a game of Monopoly ? On the occasion of the eighth and final season of the series HBO (exclusively available from 15 April on OCS), Hasbro is selling a collector’s version of its famous board game in the colors of Westeros. 2018 Home Box Office, Inc. / 1935, 2018 Hasbro In this special edition, available from the 22 of march for forty euros, players will be able to exchange the citadels, castles and other cities that are emblematic of the series with shots of golden dragons and deer of money. While waiting to discover who will sit eventually on the Iron Throne at the end of the series, the object of all desires has been miniaturized for the occasion. Placed in the center of the board game Monopoly, it will release the theme music of Game of Thrones during the game. Speaking of the Iron Throne, (re)check out our special video on the subject… Give Me Five Emissions Bonus

Punisher, Daredevil, Jessica Jones… What is the future of the series Marvel without Netflix ?
Trailer for The Shrimp glitter : management of the Gay Games for Nicolas Gob and his water polo team